About ShanDong

SHANDONG is in the east coast of China, the lower reaches of Yellow River, and the joint of Bohai Sea Rim Economic Region and Yellow Sea Economic Circle, neighboring Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to the south, Beijing, Tianjin and Liaoning to the north, and energy source bases in Shanxi to the west, facing Korea Peninsula and Japanese islands over the sea to the east, excellent in geographic position.

SHANDONG covers a land of 156,700 square kilometers and has a population of 90.41 million, including an agricultural population of about 70%, at a population density of 579 per square kilometer.

SHANDONG belongs to the warm temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The topography features in the mountainous terrain in the middle part, low-lying plains in southwest and northwest, and hilly land in the east.

SHANDONG is strong in aggregative economy strength, and its main indicators stand on the leading position nationwide. The infrastructure is excellent in Shandong. The Highways, ports, railways, telecommunication and electric power are basically satisfactory to the demands of economy and social development.

SHANDONG is abundant in natural resource and is an important energy and raw material production base. Shandong also possesses various marine resources, like fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish and alga.

SHANDONG has laid out a solid foundation for the international market development and established up a complete set of system to open to the outside world.

SHANDONG is rich in tourism resources with distinct characteristics which leads to be a noted tourist attraction place.

is also famous for highways in large ensity and good quality. The expressway network of "three-lenthwise, three-corssise and one loop" has basically been formed which is rainking first in China.


SHANDONG possesses a solid railway transportation network, link up all directions within the country. THe achievements of port and harbor construction in Shandong are also remarkable.

SHANDONG has a well developed electric power supply and is at a nationwide advanced level.


is also an very important base of agricultural products production and export in China. Also it is complete in industrial categories and high industrial quality where contains many well known enterprise groups all over China.

The economic internationalization has entered into a booming track and a new pattern formed basically. Shandong has become a nationwide important open coastal province and has established friendly relations with many countries.

SHANDONG is also rapid in developing science, technology and education. Shandong's targets and development highlights in the "Tenth five-year plan".

As a result of construction and development for over twenty years since reform and opening, Shandong has risen in East China in the majestic posture of Mount Taishan and laid a profound foundation for foreign economic cooperation; The superior geographic position, complete infrastructure, abundant biotic and mineral resources, scenic ocean and tourist resources provide foreign investors with enormous development potential and excellent cooperation environment.