Our Mission

Hong Kong is an active, innovative and dynamic city that attracts international clientele, talent and immigrants. The current population is approximately 6.7-7 million inhabitants, a majority of whom immigrated in the early 1950s from Mainland China. Along with these people came dreams, talents, a dedicated work ethic and an adaptability which contributed to the fluorishment of Hong Kong.


The Shandong people were a big contribution to the establishment to Hong Kong as a world-class city, and have a history of being a part of Hong Kong that dates back to 1920 [around WWI].



Presently, there are more than 200,000 Shandong native professionals in Hong Kong with expertise in politics, commerce, industry and education. With the support of the Shandong Provincial Government and local reputable native Shandong leaders, the Hong Kong Business Association was established on May 6th, 2002.


The Hong Kong Shandong Business Association Limited seeks to act as a liaison between all Hong Kong Shandong native professionals and Shandong province, in matters of business and professional development. It is our goal to provide a forum whereby the younger Shandong generation and those interested in Shandong province can continue to achieve an understanding of, contribute to and innovate in their respective professional fields.